I highly recommend Andrey for any software engineering role: both as an individual contributor and as a manager. He has been an invaluable asset to our team, making significant contributions to the development of our synthetic data software.
Andrey has demonstrated exceptional skills in designing and implementing backend components, resulting in a successful product launch and securing new contracts. His expertise in developing cloud-native software has greatly improved our sales efforts and client experience.
In addition to his technical capabilities, Andrey is a collaborative and supportive team member, always willing to mentor and guide his peers. His skills in writing excellent code, knowledge of DevOps, his customer-minded approach, and more, along with his ability to work in distributed teams, makes him a very reliable and dependable colleague.

Mikhail Dyakov, Co-founder & CTO at Statice.ai

Andrey was a team-lead in our product team, making new company-wide Intranet from a scratch.
He is one of the most technically skilled person I ever worked with. But moreover he has a very mature approach always trying to first understand business needs before suggesting any tech solutions. As a team-leader he has trustful transparent relationship with other developers, builds their professional roadmaps and helps them to develop their skills.
I definitely can recommend Andrey as a passionate professional who is able to build a strong team of professionals, implement and scale up development practices and to build product of any size.

Danila Kadulin, Head Of Project Management Department at X5 Retail Group

I had the pleasure to work with Andrey at Clark, where he was our champion of disciplined development. He soon became an example of how to produce results quickly while preserving high standards of code quality and staying reliable in the process.

Andrey and I joined at the same time. During our first months, he single-handedly delivered a vital integration API with one of the most important partners, while increasing our software quality one step, and introducing most of the practices we use for code quality. Being one of the engineers with most knowledge into Rails, he also helped us migrate to newer versions and conducted workshops to teach the team how to leverage the further improvements of our most used framework (Rails).

I am proud to say we not just worked together but also became friends. Many walks we had back to our houses where we shared lots of feedback and learned together. We also had a lot of fun. I hope lucky puts us back on the same team again on our journeys beyond Clark.

Fabricio Nascimento, Software Development Engineer at Amazon

I was working with Andrey in Polonium Arts (Payler). He was our tech lead and responsible for managing people and making architectural decisions. Andrey has a strong technical background in data structures, algorithms, web development. Andrey is smart, goal-oriented and gets along with people very well. He was always there if you need any help. It was a pleasure working together.

Ekaterina Trishina, Product Manager at Microsoft