Solving The Hanging Problem In Ember CLI

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Working on some project today I had a problem with building an Ember application. The process has stuck right after running ember build or ember serve. No output, no CPU activity, nothing.

The first thing that people usually do to solve any issue in JavaScript project, it’s a clearing the NPM and other package managers cache. I did the same.

npm cache verify
bower cache clean
rm -rf node_modules bower_components
npm install && bower install

It didn’t help much. After spending some time on Ember CLI documentation I found an incredibly usable command line argument DEBUG=ember-cli* that outputs everything happening during the command execution.

Now I saw that the log has stopped on the next lines:

ember-cli:cli command: build +0ms
ember-cli:testing cli: command.validateAndRun +2ms
ember-cli:watcher no watcher preference set, lets attempt watchman +3ms
ember-cli:watcher execSync("watchman version") +0ms

That’s it! I realized that something wrong with the watcher package. Namely, another program called watcher was installed on my laptop in /usr/bin folder.

~/W/a/client » watchman version
> ^C
~/W/a/client » watchman --version
> 4.7.0
~/W/a/client » npm install watchman -g
> /usr/local/bin/watchman -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/watchman/watchman
> + [email protected]
> added 17 packages in 19.787s
~/W/a/client » watchman --version
> ERROR: Unknown option --version
~/W/a/client » watchman version
> Please specify a target and action

Then I setup the NPM package globally in the system and it solved my issue.

Tip of the day: DEBUG=ember-cli* ember [command]
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