Hi, I'm Andrey!

Senior Software Engineer at Anonos • Python • Spark • JVM

I'm a software engineer focused on shipping products and delivering value to customers. In a team, I'm an advocate of trust, asynchronous communication, solid documentation, and pragmatism. I have experience working in distributed teams and remotely. My main areas of interest lie in collaborative software, computing, data processing, and low-latency systems.

I'm a Software Engineer at Anonos working on privacy and data protection solutions. We research and develop the Python SDK and the cloud platform for data anonymization.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, I am open to exploring opportunities in the UK.

Past work

I have been working in the technology industry for over a decade now. The first significant commercial project I developed was a desktop application for a network of pharmacies in Ireland. It was written in C#, WPF, and the .NET Framework. I was in my third year at university at the time.

Since graduating, I have worked for a few small companies in my hometown, international startups both locally and abroad, and one of the largest retail companies in the EMEA region, using various technologies from Objective-C to Python and often managing projects and people.

I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Bryansk State University. I have been fascinated by computers since I saw one in 2000. That's why my programming skills are better than my understanding and knowledge of mathematics – such a pity.

You can find information about my professional experience either on Linkedin (@akrisanov) or on the CV page.

This site

This website is online since July 2023. It is another attempt to write about things related to my career and topics that interest me in English (to get a glimpse of my writings in Russian, go to akrisanov.ru). The content varies from short essays to technical articles with lots of code snippets. I only post when I want to express myself, reflect on an experience, or document useful aspects of my work. So please don't expect regular posts here.

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