Hi there. It’s nice to see you on my personal website :)

Short bio

My name is Andrey Krisanov and I’m a Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in full-stack application development, DevOps and team leading.

I’m a polyglot programmer and don’t stick with some language or technology stack. It’s more important to me to focus on the product development and delivery. At the moment I work on backends in Ruby and JVM languages (Java, Scala).

I’m interested in functional programming, distributed systems, data engineering, blockchain and AI. The modern frontend development is a horror movie for me :) But, thanks, ClojureScript, React, React Native for saving me there.

Continuous learning

I’m really passionate about continuous learning. I try to learn something new every day and apply it in daily work.

Right tool for the job

Before any project implementation, I do analysis and pick “the right tool for the job”. My preferences are:


It always funny how fast people switch their professional profiles to something hot. I’m sure you saw a lot of “I’m the Blockchain/Ethereum expert.” people on LinkedIn or Medium. I hope I’m not one of them :D

I’m still more focused on the server-side development and helping startups building products. But I’m lucky to work on the side project which helps me to learn Blockchain, Ethereum, EVM, Solidity, smart contracts, and their limitations and security issues.

It’s a long and tough journey. Especially for a person like me who didn’t appreciate mathematics at high school and the university. I really like an article The authoritative guide to blockchain development by Haseeb Qureshi explaining all prerequisites of good blockchain developer. And I share his vision. People should build a computer science foundation for working in cryptocurrencies area.

So, if you looking for not an expert :) but self-motivated and passionate blockchain / smart contract developer, just write me an email.