CTO at ПланФакт

Jan 2024

– Joined ПланФакт as CTO

– Met with managers and stackholders responsible for making key decisions in product, marketing, consulting and other areas to understand their short- and long-term goals

– Met with teams to understand their current state, challenges and opportunities

– Started to observe and understand business processes and how they are supported by technology

– Made the internal communication process more transparent by introducing open chat channels, regular sprint reviews, retrospectives and decision making meetings

– Started to dig into the codebase and infrastructure

Feb 2024

– Started documenting anything that raises questions, needs to be shared with the team or is under the bus factor risks

– Found and highlighted things that slowed down the development; planned and initiated changes

– Formulated salary framework and approved it with management

– Had 1-1s with team members to align on company and personal goals, professional growth

– Opened and filled DevOps and backend developer positions; hired a front-end consultant

– Started to build a technical roadmap for the next 3-6 months

Mar 2024

– Began proposing engineering practices and values to improve developer velocity

– Led the migration from Telegram to a self-hosted Mattermost instance

– Implemented GitLab pipelines for running linting, security checks and tests for each MR

– Commenced implementation of proposals to improve sprint planning, task decomposition and estimation, testing and deployment processes

– Initiated upgrade of outdated software and dependencies

– Removing a bottleneck at the RC (staging) level by introducing new test environments and practices for integration testing. Staging is only required for regression testing.